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Keiba Side Cutters

KEIBA small side cutters, semi-flush type
Pro-Hobby Series.

These side cutters are the size of electronic pliers except that they can be opened very wide. They are fashioned from "Marutolloy 1", a special steel produced by Kobe Steel to the specifications of KEIBA from CR-v70c chrome-vanadium steel with a somewhat higher carbon content. After forging at KEIBA the steel is subjected over a period of 14 hours to a special heat treatment regime. The result is a steel which is both tough and hard and which can readily be ground to a good cutting edge — just the material for making high-quality pliers.
Semi-flush type
Suitable for up to 2 mm thick copper wire and for other softer metals up to 0.8 mm thick
Handles with molded plastic grips
Total length 110 mm
Blade length 13 mm
Head diameter 12 mm